Chalk Couture Silk Screen Transfers

Silk Screen Transfers - A Chalker's Dream

Never again will you have to struggle with creating amazing chalkboard signs... 

Are you tired of wasting stencils and stressing over the prices of silk screening? These silk screen transfers are a saving grace to our DIY world.

silk screen transfers

You can reuse these up to 12 times, but they seem to last much longer than that. You simply peel the backing from the transfer, fuzz the transfer on a towel so it doesn’t stick too much, place the transfer on your surface, which can be anything from wood to glass to metal to chalkboard, rub on the silkscreen and make sure all those air bubbles are out, and apply chalk paste to the silkscreen. Scrape off any extra you may have and save it to reuse later, Peel up the silk screen transfer and see the magic!


After using your Chalk Couture silk screen transfer, head to the sink to rinse clean it. Just run it under warm water and wash off all the chalk paste left on it. Then, let it dry, sticky side up. Once it's completely dry, place it on its backing to use again later.

There are so many options!!

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We have family and togetherness, around the house, occasions, activities and adventures, words and wit, and design and accents. In between all these options, there is no doubt you could fill your whole house up with your designs and creations!

These silk screen transfers range anywhere from $6.99 to $39.99. With two large releases and 2 small releases, we always keep our designs up to date and keen with the trends

The opportunities are so endless with these silk screen transfers, especially with having the ability to use on almost every single surface you can think of. Some ideas may be a wall, wood, a saw, metal, chalkboard, shadow boxes, fabric, hats, clothing, I could go on and on!

My favorite type of transfers are the occasions because most of them are seasonal. You can have them for each season and change out the decor as the holidays fly by. The plus side of that is that the silk screen transfers are reusable so you can save them for the next year or even create something for a family or friend!

Happy Crafting!