Hand Drawn Snowflake Collection SVG & PNG

Hand Drawn Snowflake SVG

Get winter started with this packed collection of Hand Drawn Snowflake SVG’s and PNG’s!

Every so often, I need the perfect image. Something that I can find anywhere else that is affordable and comes with a commercial license. This is one of those instances.

I looked and looked everywhere for a design I loved and came up blank. SO I made this.

I hope you love the little collection I’ve put together. You can use these images in created pieces you sell so no worries there!

It’s on sale for a limited time.


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The Best of Autumn Vectors & Fonts {week of 9/16} Under $5 deals



There’s so much awesomeness that can be found online, if you know where to look. Today, I present to you a lovingly curated list of what I think are the best $5 and under deals for your fall/autumn season.

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First, I present this kid-friendly Halloween collection from JK Cuttables!

This cute Halloween vector collection comes in many formats so it doesn’t matter if you are a vinyl cut artist or an embroiderer, this file will work for you.

This high quality Halloween SVG cutting set includes 15 child-friendly spooky images.

Think of all the thing syou can make with this collection! Party decorations, invitations, vinyl, scrapbooking, Halloween crafts, home decor, tees, and so much more!

And it includes the following formats: *SVG *DFX *PNG *JPEG *EPS *PDF


Glitter Moonshine SVG is at it again with this this suuuper cute Thanksgiving SVG.

With four file formats, you can create cute items for all the little misses in your life. This is only $1 and the best part {as if that wasn’t good enough} you can use this for personal and commercial use!

Black Cats SVG has created this great Autumn sign-making SVG.

This SVG comes in several file formats and would make an incredible sign that I know your customers and friends would love.

19th Studio has this jam-packed bundle for FIVE DOLLARS!

This Autumn/Fall Quote Budle is everything you think it is. It’s filled with great quotes and great fonts and everyone in your world will love it.

You may think that I am fangirling over Black Cats SVG and you’d be right.

Everyone needs a frame in their SVG toolbox and this one is perfect! Made up of fall elements, this frame can really tie in a monogram

Autumn Monogram Frames by AFW Designs

Having a few wreaths that you can play with each season IS a must. These would make great teacher or co-worker gifts, too!

This great pumpkin by Black Cats SVG is perfect for your sign making biz!

I love SVG’s that allow me to have a space for a family name. Everyone loves customizeable pieces and this one is so dang cute!

Keep in mind the family name not included - it's used for sample only.

SVG file Cutting File Clipart in Svg, Eps, Dxf, Png for Cricut & Silhouette


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FREE SVG's: Tree of Life Svg

Are you looking for a FREE Tree of Life SVG?? Oh yeah, you are.

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve got you covered with this brand new free Tree of Life complete with tons of great roots. You get the image seen in the photo below in two formats!

Tree of life cover.png

To get your free Tree of Life SVG file, simply fill out the form below! It will download immediately. You’ll get two file formats: a png and an SVG.

FREE SVG's: Mini Christmas Collection

Are you looking for FREE Christmas SVG’s?? Oh yeah, you are.

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve got you covered with this brand new free mini Christmas collection. You get everything seen in the photo below in two formats!


To get your free Christmas SVG files, simply fill out the form below! It will downloaded immediately. You’ll get two file formats: a png and an SVG.


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Chalkology Chalk Paste

Chalkology Chalk Paste is the best way to create beautiful chalked designs!

This chalkology chalk paste is revolutionizing the DIY world! 

How amazing would it be to have chalk that when applied, it dries quickly, hard and smudge proof, but when you are tired of it you are able to wipe it off the water? This is exactly what our chalkology chalk pastes do!

Chalkology Chalk Paste

Ranging in many many colors, we have almost everything you need. These come in 3-ounce jars, that seem to last you forever. 

Chalkology chalk paste is specially formulated for our silk screen transfers, they go hand in hand. You can use the chalkology chalk paste on many different surfaces such as chalkboards, mirrors, windows, glass, furniture, and so much more. It is completely removable with warm water, however, if you want the chalkology chalk paste to be permanent just simply apply a clear spray sealant and it will be ready to go!

The thing I love about our chalkology chalk paste is the ability to change my home decor as the seasons and holidays change. Our 3-ounce chalkology pastes are $12.99 and last for
months depending on how much you use them and how well you take care of them. If the chalkology paste is left out with the cap on the paste will dry out exactly like a normal chalk.

chalkology chalk paste

When applying, apply a good amount, and then take a squeegee and squeegee off all of that excess chalkology chalk paste and put it right back in your jar and it will be ready for the next use. This is why the chalk paste has such a long life if you take care of it well.

Throw those boxes of chalk and chalk markers away and get the DIY life-changing chalkology chalk paste!

Happy Crafting!

Chalk Couture Silk Screen Transfers

Silk Screen Transfers - A Chalker's Dream

Never again will you have to struggle with creating amazing chalkboard signs... 

Are you tired of wasting stencils and stressing over the prices of silk screening? These silk screen transfers are a saving grace to our DIY world.

silk screen transfers

You can reuse these up to 12 times, but they seem to last much longer than that. You simply peel the backing from the transfer, fuzz the transfer on a towel so it doesn’t stick too much, place the transfer on your surface, which can be anything from wood to glass to metal to chalkboard, rub on the silkscreen and make sure all those air bubbles are out, and apply chalk paste to the silkscreen. Scrape off any extra you may have and save it to reuse later, Peel up the silk screen transfer and see the magic!


After using your Chalk Couture silk screen transfer, head to the sink to rinse clean it. Just run it under warm water and wash off all the chalk paste left on it. Then, let it dry, sticky side up. Once it's completely dry, place it on its backing to use again later.

There are so many options!!

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We have family and togetherness, around the house, occasions, activities and adventures, words and wit, and design and accents. In between all these options, there is no doubt you could fill your whole house up with your designs and creations!

These silk screen transfers range anywhere from $6.99 to $39.99. With two large releases and 2 small releases, we always keep our designs up to date and keen with the trends

The opportunities are so endless with these silk screen transfers, especially with having the ability to use on almost every single surface you can think of. Some ideas may be a wall, wood, a saw, metal, chalkboard, shadow boxes, fabric, hats, clothing, I could go on and on!

My favorite type of transfers are the occasions because most of them are seasonal. You can have them for each season and change out the decor as the holidays fly by. The plus side of that is that the silk screen transfers are reusable so you can save them for the next year or even create something for a family or friend!

Happy Crafting!